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, pulled us out or we could stand. it was scary. >> the tide is out, and people are playing on the flash. if it continues to build, it could be a dangerous situation. this weekend, make sure you are in front of one of the members of the beach patrol. it is possible that there will be restricted swimming as the storm approaches. >> don't forget, you can check the weather at the beach at any time by going to the weather section of our website. >>> surprising new details about a story we saw first on abc 7. thieves are using firefighters tools to break into a series of atms. courtney robinson is live in prince george's county. the equipment may have been stolen? >> that is something that investigators are looking into tonight. prince george's county fire tells us that back in april, one of their fire trucks went in for repairs. when it came back, it was missing some of the equipment similar to that of what firefighters we spoke to believe the thieves used in the theft. in less than one minute, thieves bust open this atm, take the cash, and run into a waing blue truck. customers and employee
ladies said, don't leave us here like this. tell somebody what is going on here. at the know how they treating you. -- let them know how they treating you. >> we left a message. it when we called back a third time, we were told he left the hospital. >> the united medical center used to be greater southeast hospital, primarily serving people east of the river. there in the process of renovating several areas of the hospital. >>> it to metro bus -- two metro bus drivers have been fired. he refused to let a customer off the bus, and the second was arrested on july 30 for driving with a suspended license. a third operator was photographed using a self on the bus. we have since learned at she was reporting a mechanical problem. she was not fired, but was reconstructed on operating procedure. -- reconstructed -- reinructed. >>> the flames started spreading at the dairy farm about two hours ago. all of the animals were ablto escape. >>> it is official, michael veeck is back in the nfl after weeks -- michael vick is back in the nfl after weeks oafter his jail release. >> i made a horribl
't allocated, he decided to trade in this 1993 chevy caprice using the $4,500 rebate. >> an older car, gets bad mileage. it's not my primary car, so it's like free money because the car is just sitting there. >> you can see, like you said, they're sport utilities. >> this new car salesman showed us the clunker lot. he says word that the program might hit the brakes sparked interest. >> it's created a lot of activity from people who were just thinking to go ahead and make that decision. >> they seen july sales basically double and this past weekend, out of the 52 cars sold, 30 were on the clunker rebate. it's a different story, however, at alexandria chevrolet. you can tell by their clunker sales. >> they don't know how much of this money is gone. the $3 billion could be gone. >> the sales manager says the dealership is cautious with any clunker deals saying they're not sure when they'll get the government reimbursement because of computer issues, and the payback timetable, senate deal or not, additional funds won't hit the root of the problem. >> they take a goal and killed it with that executi
largest and fastest-growing minority in the u.s. today. including columbia heights restaurant -- restaurant owners. >> [unintelligible] >> sotomayor is of puerto rican descent. >> she could help us. >> even though her job is to be neutral, many secretly hope that she will help with their community. she has become a role model. >> she has gone nearly far, and you don't see that. i wish one day i could be up there. i am proud of her. >> she will be sworn in this saturday at the supreme court. live on capitol hill, abc 7 ws. >> she is 55 years of age and grew up in a south bronx housing project. she has an ivy league education. she is the first hispanic person to serve on the high court. she is also the third woman. coming up at 6:00, hear what president obama had to say. >>> firefighters found nearly 40 stakes -- snakes while fighting a fire. investigators say faulty extension cords sparked the fire. the teenager there said he was greeting the non venomous snakes. >>> after being hit by cars, fire officials say he went headfirst through the windshield after a car struck him. the
spoke to a number of people here, and they tell us that they hear gunshots. it is a sad fact of life, one they tried to ignore. for them, this one was way too close for comfort. >> you get to start thinking about things you don't want to think about. what if something had happened to my kids? >> it was a matter of inches. maybe joshua was in his walker when the bullet shatted their sense of security. >> i heard a big noise go boom. >> i feel like i've been shot. >> to rival games collided at the pool. from the parking lot, they fired toward the crowded pool. one round hit the unit. >> is crazy, over stupid stuff. words were exchanged, how ridiculous can you be? >> things like this happen all too often. out of fear, most victims want to speak out. the stakes are far too high for silence. >> it has to stop. we're killing off, killing off, just killing off generations. these are the next generations that are running as world. something has to be done. something has to be said. >> lucky nobody was injured. police were able to respond ry quickly. they saw the car, and they were able to ar
. >>> we are watching some wild weather tonight. a hurricane is making its way closer to the u.s.. in the midwest, th're cleaning up from a destructive tornado. we have some amazing pictures of all the damage. >> only the pictures truly describe the devastating damage left behind from 18 tornadoes that swept across the midwest. amazingly, everybody made it out alive. terrorizing twister's tore through the midwest. >> is unreel. i have not seen nothing like this before. >> that left them only seconds to spare. >> i threw myself on top of my kids. i had done like this. my dog had his nose pressed against me. >> there were at least three tornadoes in minneapolis that left a woman off the street. -- it lifted a woman off the street. >> [unintelligible] >> skies rapidly turned gray before nature's raff swept through. -- wrath swept through. >> it was like a domino effect. a huge piece of ruth hit the car. >> i watched the roof go across the street. >> in indiana, it is much of the same. debris coats the ground. they're picking up the pieces of what is left, hoping the worst is now beh
-level representative from the u.s., which they got in mr. clinton. >> at the end of his term, he presided over the high water mark of relations with north korea and the united states. >> it was a cre to enter north korea illegally. earlier this summer, her sister spoke of what would beike to see her sister freed. >> is a scene that is been played over and over in my head. >> the hope is that both women will leave north korea sometime tonight with bill clinton. that will put them back in the u.s. tomorrow. >>> power poles came crashing down, bloin tghe t streets and the entra se to stmee o tration. se polls fall, but power is out in the neighborhood. we're live on the scene with the details. >> 3 poles came down, and two more were left waning. this is all happening right in front of the metro station. the trains are still running, and buses are picking people up. take a look down minnesota ave. we're trying to restrain the lines. what brought them down as anybody's guess. >> it sounded like shotguns. >> 3 power poles crashing down right in front of the metro station in washington. people dodged falling
.t. department promised us it was going to be up and running this year. last year was the year for major glitches. >> this has to be considered a major glitch. more than 8,000 high school students were unable to attend classes today. >> it's ridiculous. we're tax paying citizens. we should have known before the first day of school started. >> late this afternoon the superintendent of schools released a statement essentially saying the same thing. he says this is an unacceptable situation. he said the school system is working with the vendor of the computer program, central system staff has been put out into schools. he says all students should report to school tomorrow. >> students in the district of columbia, charles county and frederick county, maryland, also returned to class today. stool begins monday in montgomery county. in virginia, schools begin the day after labor day. >> breaking news in the investigation into michael jackson's death. a law enforcement official says the l.a. county coroner has ruled his death a homicide. that comes hours after a search waant indicated the singer had let
heart. >> people will not be able to sleep and when school starts again. >> police used a helicopter to pop the question. >> and one woman pose a frightening story. what abouteseivd to refuse >>> a senior citizen says she was trapped by a driver who was not let -- and who would not let her off. >> we have what happened and why it metro thinks the driver was wrong in this case. >> also wanted to do after a long day at the hospital on monday was get her medication and go home. she got on a bus here at the rhode island avenue. she was on the wrong bus, and when she asked if she could get off, he refused. he made her very upset. >> [unintelligible] >> she cries that she recalls the way she was treated by a metro bus driver. >> i felt like i was being kidnapped. >> honor will come from the hospital, she got on a bus. at that time of day, it is an express bus tthat does not allow passengers to get off until the end of the line. she begged the driver to let her get off so she could get to a drugstore. >> i said, i am sick. i do not feel good. i have to go get my medication. he said, what yo
. >> doesn't look like anyone here is having problems. but for those of us who didn't have the luxury of jumping around in a fountain all day, it was not exactly easy. it wasn't just about staying out. heat. >> it's idclousely hot. >> it was about staying cool. >> trying to keep the sweat out of my eyes. >> near water, in water, or at the brand-new wilson aquatic center -- under water. >> it's a blessing. it really is. >> after a day of above-average if not record breaking heat, it was not easy. >> i think it's the hottest i've ever felt in a long time. >> by late morning, d.c. had its heat emergency plan in place, extending hours at city pools and opening its cooling centers for the first time this year. >> it's just too hot out there. and it's a good tng they did do this. >>hose who had to work outside took precautions. construction workers -- >> it's like 120 degrees inside the machine. >> mailmen covering their heads. >> very hot out. >> drinking enough liquid, some admitting they simply weren't prepared. >> not at all. not for this amount of sweat. >> a shock to the system and a
it will threaten the u.s. remains to be seen. it is the first one. it is a big one. he is one that we will watch every single day. a storm this large is one that we will watch for you. he could have a big affect on any land mass that it hits. >> you can get the complete forecast for our area at any time by going to the weather section on our web site at wjla.com >>> and assistant wrestling coach was arrested in an internet sex sting. they say he had a sexual conversations summer he thought was a 14-year-old girl. she turned out to be an undercover detective. he is being held without bond. >>> a killer is loose after a deadly attack in college park. it happened just blocks away from the university of maryland campus. iraq has more on the frightening scene. >> it was just -- -- we have more of a frightening scene. >> it happened near the gas pumps at the 7-eleven. the car stopped at the gas pumps. two victims rolled out. >> it was a horrifying sight. the two men lay unconscious on the asphalt as though they had tumbled from their car. there were both taken to hospitals. the 28-year-old man was pro
the constituents, but people all over the u.s. there is a peak -- a reason that people are writing here, it is not just curiosity. i talked to a little girl who said that as far as she's concerned, ted kennedy was about helping people. she wants to help people. >> it was interesting watching that per session today. it was as symbolic in so many ways. the funeral proceedings that they had planned, all of this came together so quickly, get it seems so perfect for senator kennedy. do think that the family was planning this in advance? >> i do not know how you plan does. i'm sure you make some general plans, but ted kennedy was such an institutio serving nearly five decades in the senate, you had this sense that he would last forever. asç of may of 2008, we knew tht was not true. but you is such a fighter that we hoped that he would continue. -- but he is such a fighter that we hoped he would continue. the kennedys have always been good at planning these events. i remember robert kennedy's funeral at st. patrick's cathedral in new york at which ted kennedy spoke so eloquently. and remembe
doors. we saw, standing before us, president bill clinton. >> he was the surprise visit that helped secure their release. >> we knew instantly in our hearts that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. >> they both work for al gore's network. >> it speaks well that when two american citizens are in harm's way, that some many people would put things aside and go to work. >> we're obviously extraordinarily relieved. >> for now, the details are not being disclosed. for the family, the focuses only on the reunion. >> she is my little sister but a very strong girl. very determined. i am very proud big sister. >> for now, they just want to spend some quiet, private time catching up with their families. >>> we are following some breaking news coming out of college park. prince george's county bomb squad was at the university of maryland where is his biggest -- a suspicious package was found. a shoebox sized package it was discovered outside the library. it was evacuated as a precaution, but the package turned out to be a heavy object to weigh down a helium balloon. >>> cit
, "kennedy taught us how to fight, laugh, how to treat each other, and how to turn idealism into action." >>> president obama has ordered flags to fly at half staff at all federal buildings following the death. the flags were lowered at the u.s. capitol this morning and government buildings across the country. >>> senator kennedy passed away at his family's home near cape hatteras. >> borden peterson is live near the home. -- gordon peterson is live near the home. what can you tell us about the scene there tonight? >> it is really quiet here this evening, people going about their business, riding bikes, jogging. the flags in front of people's homes are flying at half staff in honor of the senator, who was one of their neighbors. the kennedy compound is right behind me, but i do not get the idea there are surrounded by gates. that is not the case. they are basic, new england it shingled house is, very beautiful houses. but there is not been a lot of pop or. about 45 minutes ago, friends of the family have been quietly going in the back way of the compound to pay their respects to victori
. the operator is on unpaid leave and in rehab. passengers tell us they can't believe matra has a zero tolerance policy for text in, but not for drugs. it began when an operator created a 10-car train. he drove the train or a different operator took over. passengers boarded, and continued making regular stops until honesty passenger spoke up. >> been notified the train operator that he was operating a train with two extra cars that were on the platform at the time. >> they are either six or eight car lengths. an ongoing investigation revealed the operator who drove the overloaded trained tested positive for drugs. >> this would be our regular, ongoing thing. >> the metro spokesman was unaware of the drug policy. he says the system's checks and balances failed. because no passengers were on the last two cars, no customer was never in danger. >> as a frequent writer, i wonder, am i safe? >> ryan says that zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol is a no- brainer. >> there'll be some point where it will not be worth it. >> of the train operator that took over the train from the other operator, as well
of dollars for dc's use. there was stunned reaction to the news. >> she has a wonderful person. -- she is a wonderful person, they should let the lady stay here. >> iambs apprised, startled, shocked to say the least. -- i am surprised, startled, shocked to say the least. >> [unintelligible] the one day you're here, the next day you gone. >> they are baffled, distraught, and literally in tears over the decision. and again, we're live at another event in southeast washington, a dairy farm that america is attending. -- that the mayor is attending. we want to get a comment as to why all this happened. and hopefully we can bring it to you. >> she was the district's first lady from 1994 to 1998. she and the former mayor have been separated for several years now. >>>we are ur sdovevibe in wg who survived beingup nd gh br up and brought inside their homes invasions was just sentenced to life in prison after one of his victims died. we have the reaction. >> life without parole i should say for the murder of a woman from bethesda. michael nathan said that jose garcia was a career criminal who t
. >> is putting more debt on us and our children. >> this bill won't be paid for. >> while the senator tried to explain, he found himself constantly on the defense. >> is not about health care reform or insurance reform. it is government controlled. >> i think the government needs to provide protections. >> after 45 minutes, the microphones were cut off, and that anger reached the boiling point perry had -- reached the boiling point. >> he did not hear what we had to say, it is not fair. >> few people seemed willing to isten to the senator's complete answers. many of them just wanted to vent and be heard. we will also hear from a few of the supporters of the health care plan that showed up here today. we will also ask the senator cardin if he feels like enemy number one. >> healthcare protests are happening all around the country as members of congress had home for the august vacation. a day after a shoving match broke out in another one of his meetings, and iowa senator and alaska senator met with constituents. the white house says it will be fighting back against misinformation. you can go
to the apartment as we speak trying to figure out what went wrong. >> keep us posted. we will keep on top of it. and we will also have information on our not -- on t our website." plane that flew into restricted airspace over washington. we are told that this was a student pilot? >> and we're hearing some sources -- some sources that the student pilot has said that he got lost up in the air and veered into the restricted airspace. it was all by accident. the pilot is still here at this airport. his plane still out here. he is questioned by law enforcement as we speak. the pilot had to be escorted down. the plane was spotted to southwest of the airport at about 2:30 p.m. today. they tried to talk to the pilot but got no response. military aircraft had to intercept the plane. the secret service has said that they will talk to the pilot to figure out what exactly he was up to. several fire units had the good of the white house as a precaution. the president and his family are a way, vacationing at martha's vineyard right now. what is interesting about this is that about four years ago, we covered
officers searching the area. we have not heard any arrests. police are not telling us who the man was -- the name of the man who was found dead. >>> we will stay on top of the story. we will be there all evening to bring you the latest. >> we're continuing to watch hurricane bill as it gained strength in the atlantic. it could be off the coast of virginia by this weekend. >> hundreds of miles off the coast of virginia is a big storm. we got the new numbers in. let's take a look. winds topping 110 miles per hour. it is a category 2 storm. it will become category three. the forecast has it turning into a category four tomorrow. sustained winds of 132 miles per hour. traffic has been consistent but a storm that they will caught -- cause swells and the first concern will be the effect of the wind and waves on bermuda. that will happen over the weekend. a couple things we are watching at home. heavy thunderstorms in the ho crdwaounty area. a lot of heavyrd rain vingmo northeast. temperatures - - you showers moving to the northeast. her than that, it is light rain showers. the heavie
three months in the summer is too long to go without doing math and she wants to use fun activities to help kids gain confidence. >> when you understand math, it is fun. bacon go in the same sentence. >> salvo, a former teacher and stay at home mom, went back for her ph.d. in math at george mason university. her math tree camps are now doing a quarter million dollars in business, but for her, it is about passing along her enthusiasm and appreciation for math to as many kids as possible. >> what i get out of it watching kids' faces light up when they understand something. >> lynn salvo wants to expand the math tree camps to other states soon. if she sells the business one day, she hopes to stay involved by developing curriculum. alison starling, abc 7 news. >> great story. >>> coming up next, a warning from a grieving father. what he wants you to know about the dangers of motorcycles. >> this is about as insulating as the walls of a regular home. >> 7 on your side shows new ways to cut your power bill. need a lift? hey buddy, i appreciate the ride, you know. no problem. ♪ mind if i
was paying her $500 a week to marry her brother so he could get a green card and the u.s. citizenship. when the deal went sour, the woman got two men who came to the pizza shop, rob, and beat him to death. >> this shocks me and scares me. >> this plot was allegedly hatched here. the killers told him there were reports -- and holding him hostage. it took a borrowed car to here in northeast d.c. they robbed him of to a thousand dollars in cash, cigarettes, and other merchandise. someone even tried to set the body on fire. >> we saw the police lined up. washington d.c. police, maryland police, some unmard cars. >> when the killers return, at east one was wearing no clothing grade the witness said she burned their clothing in a grill on 5206 addison road. why did he stopped paying her? according to papers, he said he found out the woman was sleeping with other men. we called their household today big and the man who answered the phone hung up when we identified ourselves as a news reporters. reporting from northeast washington, abc 7 news. >>> this is disturbing. a prince william county man was
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